Our team

Who we are and why we create games.

Jeremias Baur

I am Jeremias, a 15 year old student from Switzerland. My motivation is creating awesome things. At least I try it. I love creating 3D models, aerial footage, editing videos, filming and playing video games. Since I am a child I taught me almost everything myself. I always want to learn more to become better and better. I also like longboarding, running and playing football. I am very open to new things.

Zsombor Szabó

Im a 17 year old student from Hungary. I started learning programming at the age of 14, thanks to my primary school teacher who started a small programming course where he tought us Pascal. I've been playing video games ever since I was tall enough to reach the keyboard, so creating little games with my newfound knowledge really appealed to me. My primary motivation for creating games is experimenting with well estabilished gameplay concepts to breathe life into old concepts. My favourite game of all time is Portal 2. I also play the clarinet, and listen to all kinds of music ranging from classical music to progressive rock.