VR Dungeon Alchemy Update

Devblog #2 - The first major content update for VR Dungeon

We've just released an update for VR Dungeon, adding a brand new puzzle type: Alchemy!


Alchemy is about mixing colors to create the correct potion. The second player has the instructions for the color combinations, so cooperation is still the focus of the game. You will have to hurry though, because this time deadly spikes threaten your success!


The update comes with several graphical improvements as well. Apart from creating brand new assets and a room for the new gamemode, the torch got a facelift, along with the lighting.


The Android app got an update that should download automatically through the play store. We've also created a printer-friendly guide (see below) that consumes less ink and paper. You can download the guide from the 'Guides' section of Steam.

Coming up...

The next major update will most likely feature a reworked tutorial and a few more treasures.

We hope you will enjoy playing with colors as much as we enjoyed developing it. If you find any bugs or have any ideas, just drop us a line here.