Promoting your game at an event

Devblog #1 - We've participated in Zürich's Ludicious Game Festival

Last weekend we participated in the Ludicious Game Festival in Zürich. It was our first time showing VR Dungeon to people and we got a lot of feedback and learned a lot as well. Here are a few tips for you if you plan on attending a similar event.

One Vive per room

The first lesson we learnt was that Vives don’t like each other. We had to relocate from the #swissgames room to the Beyond the Screen area, but everything went well thanks to the organisers.

Clear the area

The Vive needs a lot of space as well. Putting some tape on the floor at border of your virtual room is a good idea, as it makes people keep a safe distance from players without being too obtrusive. Another thing you should definitely do is turn on the mixed reality camera to give players a sense of space and avoid accidents.

Get to the point

Now something generic: make short demos. No matter how good your game is, people want to try every single one of them and you want everyone to try yours. Most players spend no more than five minutes at a game, so you should make a lasting impression quickly. Give them a taste of the most fun parts, don't hold them up with gradually progressing levels and long-winded tutorials.


Speaking multiple languages is invaluable as well, especially in Europe. Some spoke English, others German or French, and effectively communicating them is very important: unless your game is very self-explanatory, clarifying things for your player makes demos more enjoyable.

Meet others

Last but not least look around, play some games and meet other developers. You can get the most experience by actually trying games exploring entirely new concepts and discussing them with their creators. (And it's a lot of fun, too!)

Thank you!

We would like to thank the organisers of Ludicious and BugnPlay for giving us this awesome opportunity and everyone who tried VR Dungeon for the feedback. We hope you had as much fun as us.